The Art & Technology Student Fellowship


With the generous support of an anonymous foundation, The Art & Technology fellowship is designed for students interested in creating individual projects, conducting research, participating in an internship or technology training.

The fellowship was created to support student work and to enhance and expand the use of technology in the visual and performing arts.  


  • Open to any Art/Visual Studies, Music, or Theatre Majors. Film minors and WSP students with an approved ED that includes a majority of Visual and Performing Arts courses are also eligible to apply
  • Students must have a faculty sponsor that has agreed to advise the student during the fellowship period.  Applications without a faculty sponsor will not be considered. The sponsor should be a full-time professor in the Art & Visual Studies, Film, Music, or Theatre departments. 

Selection Criteria

  • Quality of proposal
  • Academic Excellence
  • Impact on student experience, career path, or project outcome

Program Benefits

A total of $4,500 is awarded annually to one student in each department (Art & Visual Studies, Film, Music, and Theatre).  Faculty sponsors will each receive $500 in supplemental compensation.

Fellowship funds can be used for the following purposes:

  • Research  - Costs associated with relevant research like travel, accommodations, per diem, etc.  The research should be directly related to the eventual production of an artwork or media project.
  • Materials & Equipment  - Costs associated with the purchase of materials and equipment necessary to complete a project which is defined as an artwork, film or moving image project, musical score, theatrical piece, or other creative production.  All proposed projects MUST substantially rely on digital technology in order to qualify.
  • Internship – Costs associated with participating in an unpaid internship which can include travel and other related living expenses.  Please make sure to explain why the funds are necessary to participate in the internship.  Internships should focus on media or technology in order to qualify
  • Technology Training - Costs associated with attending a technology training which can include fees, travel, accommodations

Applying to the Program

The application is due on the first Friday of March. 

Use this guide to help you gather your application documents. Request these items two weeks prior to the deadline.

A complete application consists of:

  • Unofficial academic transcripts (a PDF of your DegreeWorks)
  • Current semester Course Progress Report, for each 3-4 credit course you are enrolled in.
  • Student Contract
  • Signed Sponsor Endorsement
  • A 400-500 word essay explaining your interest in this fellowship.  Help the committee understand why you are applying to this fellowship.  How will you benefit from the fellowship both personally and professionally?  What personal qualities (skills, attributes, and/or abilities) do you possess that will ensure a successful fellowship experience?
  • A 850-1000 word essay describing in detail your proposed project, internship, training, etc.  Please be sure to explain what the final product will be (a film, artwork, etc.).  If you are applying for an internship, please make sure to give details of what you will be doing during the internship and documentation that the internship has been secured.  If applying for an internship fellowship, award is contingent upon internship documentation.  
  • A preliminary budget is required.  Please give us a rough estimate of how you plan to use the funds
  • Selected semi-finalists may be interviewed. 

The Art & Technology Fellowship Advisor

Professor Danny Jauregui

Reporting Forms for Current Fellows