Develop Your Future


The path ahead for emerging professionals is to couple their classroom learning with the development of the critical career competencies universally required by all employers.

There are a myriad of paths to successfully developing critical competencies. The important thing is to put yourself onto a path of sustained career development. 

Partner with the CCPD team to identify and complete career development experiences like internships that will help you develop your career competencies. You want to be a politician? Great! Make one of your internships an experience that allows you to develop your oral and written communication skills. You want to be a beekeeper? Fabulous! Identify a career appropriate internship - think California State Beekeepers Association - that grows your critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity competencies. 

It is easier than you think to develop career competencies. Here are three things you can do to insure the start of your career development:

  • Complete your first internship before your sophomore year
  • Track your career accomplishments while in your on-campus roles
  • Have a resume and LinkedIn account that showcases you as an emerging professional

Want to do more?

  • Take a career development and planning course
  • Invest time in a credit bearing internship course coupled with a professional development opportunity
  • Discuss your academic goals with your faculty advisor. Align your courses with your career development

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