A Message of Support to Students Impacted by COVID-19


In response to the circumstances and impact resulting from the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Whittier College is making the following adjustments to the admission process for the fall 2021 incoming class.

  • It is now free to apply to Whittier College
  • If your SAT/ACT has been canceled, please notify the Office of Admission at admission@whittier.edu to switch your application to test-optional
  • Flexibility is offered to all teachers and counselors for submissions of school profile, letters of recommendation, official transcripts, and other materials being submitted on an applicant’s behalf. Please email admission@whittier.edu for specific assistance requests. 

Questions about admission and financial aid can be answered by contacting the Office of Admission at 888.200.0369 or admission@whittier.edu.