Gustavo O. Geirola


Gustavo GeirolaProgram Advisor of Latino Studies
Professor of Spanish
Department of Modern Languages

562.907.4200, ext. 4314

Academic History

B.A., Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ph.D., Arizona State University

Academic Interests

Spanish and Latin American Literature, Theatre, Cinema, Television, Popular Culture; Gay and Lesbian Studies, Semiotics, and Psychoanalysis


Professor Gustavo Geirola's expertise lies in various aspects of Latin American lifestyle and culture, with a special emphasis on theater. He has participated in numerous dramatic productions, as both actor and director; is widely published in both academic and non-academic journals, with topics ranging from trends in Latin American theater and performance to gay and lesbian identities in Latin American communities. He recently presented a series of workshops in Latin America on the topic of "Theatre, Pedagogy, and Psychoanalysis."