Bill (William) Kronholm


Bill Kronholm

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science

Science & Learning Center 218
562.907.4200, ext.4845

Academic History

Ph.D. University of Oregon
M.S. University of Oregon
B.S. Rochester Institute of Technology

Academic Focus

Algebraic Topology


Professor William Kronholm is currently collaborating with Aaron Bocanegra (SCI-Arc) on an interactive math/art project (working title "Homology Project") where techniques and results in Applied Algebraic Topology are used to collect geometric information from a sensor network, which are then fed back into the exhibit to affect the environment.

Professional Activity


Math/Art: Collaborative Practices. Joint with Aaron Bocanegra (in progress).

The RO(Z/2)-graded Cohomology of Moore Spaces for Cyclic Groups. Joint with Chad Giusti (in progress). pdf

"On the Equivariant Cohomology of Rotation Groups and Stiefel Manifolds." Topology Appl., 2011. pdf

“The RO(G)-graded Serre Spectral Sequence.” Homology, Homotopy Appl., 2010. pdf

“A Freeness Theorem for RO(Z/2)-graded Cohomology.” Topology Appl., 2010. pdf

“Tournaments with a Transitive Tournament as a Feedback Arc Set.” Cong. Num., 2002.