Professional Development

Pursuing a post-graduate-level education opens doors to new opportunities for both professional and personal growth. Whittier College, as a top liberal arts institutions in the United States, is a resource that can assist working adults achieve this success in today's competitive and global economic environment.

Whittier's high-quality professional development programs are taught by our own experienced faculty who are leaders in their fields and are designed to help individuals and companies—both from with the U.S. and abroad—seize opportunities to: 

  • Enhance professional skills and academic knowledge to perform more effectively on the job
  • Strengthen English writing skills
  • Gain a new perspective in a particular area of work or study
  • Acquire new tools and ways of thinking to improve efficiency and performance, positively impacting a company's bottom line

Recently, for example, Whittier College faculty, advisors, and translators collaborated with Peking University and architecture and interior design companies from Beijing, China to offer certificate programs for students and professionals to learn about the art and landscape of Los Angeles. A portion of the program involved field trips to museums and tours of the city's historic landmarks. 

Whether your goals include opportunities to grow your professional network, refresh your interests, or learn a new skill, we look forward to broadening your future here at Whittier. 

A Look At Our Professional Development Programs

Professional Exchange & Immersion Experience 

This specially-designed, short-term program is led by Whittier's top-ranked faculty and aimed at providing working professionals with refreshing experiences and networking opportunities in their career fields. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Program Opportunities
Working in close collaboration with a program advisor, individuals and groups tailor together an academic program to meet their needs with a specific timeframe and educational focus in mind. Participants may be eligible to earn college credit. Complete an online request form to learn more.