Visiting Students Programs

Visiting Students Programs offer opportunities for individuals who are not presently earning a degree from Whittier College to broaden their experiences and prepare for success at a top liberal arts institution in the United States.

Consider applying to our Visiting Students Programs if you:

  • are a junior or high school student intending to study in the U.S.;
  • are a recent high school graduate wishing to learn more about undergraduate degree programs;
  • seek professional development in your career field;
  • would like to enroll in a summer or cultural enrichment course at Whittier; or
  • believe your interests would be well-served by Whittier's campus location, facilities, and/or course offerings. 

No matter what brings you to Whittier, our first-class faculty and program advisors are here to help you achieve your pursuits. Additionally, visiting students are invited to take advantage of our on-campus resources and services and to join us off campus to explore the rich, cultural experiences that can only be found in Southern California.