Sexual Misconduct Policy

Whittier College (“the College”) is a community of students, faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to teaching, learning, service, and scholarship. The College encourages intellectual exploration in the context of a supportive community in which students, faculty, staff, and administrators can pursue their work free from coercion, intimidation, and exploitation. To accomplish this goal, the College is committed to providing an educational and employment setting that is respectful and will not tolerate sexual misconduct, including all forms of gender and sex-based misconduct and any related retaliation as defined below.

The Sexual Misconduct Policy website is organized as follows:

This policy was updated on July 20th, 2015 and will be updated annually by the Title IX Coordinator.

For questions about this policy or to report an incident of sexual misconduct, please contact a Whittier College Title IX Coordinator:

Title IX Coordinator and Complaints about Faculty, Staff and Administration
Cynthia Joseph, Director of Human Resources
Mendenhall, Lower Level, 562.907.4830,

Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Complaints about Students
Joel Pérez, Ph.D., Vice President and Dean of Students
Room 142, Campus Center, 562.907.4233,

Complaints involving Whittier Law School
Nidhi Vogt, Assistant Dean for Student and Alumni Relations
3333 Harbor Blvd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626, 714.444.4141, Ext. 122, 

Related websites:

Visit the Victim Support page to learn more about the resources available to victims of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, non-consensual sexual contact, domestic and dating violence, bullying and stalking when done because of a person’s sex/gender or sexual/gender identity. 

Visit the Understanding Dating/Domestic Violence and Abuse website to learn more about the dynamics of dating/domestic violence. 

Visit the Understanding Sexual Assault website to learn more about the dynamics of sexual assault and rape.

Visit the Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Risk Reduction website to learn more about methods to prevent sexual misconduct including sexual assault, including primary prevention techniques like bystander intervention, as well as risk-reduction techniques. 

Visit the Information for Faculty and Staff about Supporting Student Survivors website for tips on how to support a student that discloses sexual misconduct and reporting responsibilities for confidential, private, and mandated reporters. To report sexual misconduct, Faculty can go to the Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form on their Moodle homepage. Staff and students can go to the Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form on their My Whittier homepage. In addition, anyone can make a report to the Title IX Coordinators (listed above). In such a situation, the Title IX Coordinator, in consultation with the Director of Campus Safety, will determine appropriate steps, including possible notification and documentation under the Clery Act.

Visit our Title IX Committee website for more information about how Whittier College is working to prevent and respond to Title IX incidents.