Zippers and Wool Combined to Create Art at Whittier College

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Jan. 27, 2003
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Zippers and Wool Combined to Create Art at Whittier College 

WHAT:                        “shy lemons greens cool chocolates,” an exhibit of new sculpture
by Liz Harvey

WHEN:                        8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday-Friday, Feb. 3 through March  
                             4 Opening reception for the artist, 1–3 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 2 

WHERE:                      Greenleaf Gallery at Whittier College   13406    Philadelphia Street,

COST:                         Free 

ADD:                           “shy lemons greens cool chocolates” features more than a dozen new sculptures made from zippers and wool.  Harvey’s new body of work combines whimsy with menace in abstract sculptures that call up deconstructed clothing parts. In the work, Harvey is exploring contrasts: inside/outside, concealing/revealing, constructing/ deconstructing, and full/empty, while combining complementary textures of fuzzy, felted, crocheted and knitted wool with ridged encircling forms made from sewn-together found zippers.  The sculptures simultaneously reference painting, architecture and

fashion, while inhabiting an ambiguous realm where interpretation is
          left open-ended.

The title of the exhibition comes from e.e.cummings’1922 poem, the sky was. “I grew up hearing my father quote from cummings’ poetry,” Harvey said.  “Remembering the play of words and slightly unnerving content drew me back to look at his work for a title.”  the sky was is a description of a “candy luminous” sky that cummings had also painted at one point. “It resonated with the confectionery colors that run through much of this body of work,” Harvey said, “particularly  BalthazarKicks, Midriff and Gird. Another line from the poem,  spry pinks,  feels right for the naughty pink zipper at the tip of a phallic  piece, Wilt.  The poem anthropomorphizes colors in the same way that I like to combine color and form with ambiguous references to the body.” 

INFORMATION:         Contact Kim Russo, gallery director, at (562) 907-4200, ext. 4687. 

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