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Feb. 14, 2002  
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Islamic Scholar to Speak at Whittier College

WHAT:                       Fred Denny, professor of religious studies at the University of
                            Colorado, Boulder, speaking on “Modernity, Islamism and the Quest
                            for a Mediating Discourse.”

WHEN:                   7 p.m., Monday, Feb. 18

WHERE:                  Faculty Center at Whittier College
                             13606 Philadelphia St., Whittier

COST:                        Free and open to the public

ADD:                     Denny, a renowned author and scholar of Islam, will discuss Islam
as a religious fundamentalist response to the conditions of modernity in the Muslim world.  His talk is being sponsored by the Religious Studies Department and Garrett Faculty Master’s
House.  Denny is the author of An Introduction to Islam and several articles  including
 “Islamic Theology in the New World: Some Issues and Prospects” and “Islam in the
Americas.”  He also edited the scholarly book series Studies in Comparative Religion.  His areas of interest include Qu’ranic studies, comparative ritual, Islamic education in Malaysia and Indonesia, and Islam and Muslim communities in North America.

The Faculty Center is located on the south edge of campus, behind the Campus Inn. 
Parking is available in the lot at the corner of Earlham and Painter.

INFORMATION:     Marilyn Gottschall, assistant professor of religious studies,
at 562-493-6172.

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