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WHITTIER, CA (September 22, 2005)—On Thursday, September 29th, all Bon Appétit Management Company cafés across the country—including the Whittier College campus dining center—will serve a lunch that is made completely from local ingredients. With the exception of salt, everything used in the preparation of the food will come from within a 150 mile radius of the campus café. Among the local vendors and growers that will partner with Whittier College and Bon Appétit are Shelton’s (poultry) and Smith Farms (produce). EarthWorks Enterprises, a non-profit program located in Whittier Narrows Recreation Area that teaches organic farming to local at-risk youth, will also supply produce used in the meal preparation.  

The purpose of the Eat Local Challenge is to illustrate both the great taste of local foods and the precarious state of our food supply. Materials will be available outlining the loss of biodiversity in the US with local examples. For instance, a meal in Washington State might feature local apples and the fact that 100 years ago there were 7,500 varietals of apples and now 85% of them are extinct.  

Solutions will be presented as well. Materials will include information on what guests can do to support local agriculture and stop the loss of our local food supply. Bon Appétit’s Farm-to-Fork program will be highlighted along with suggestions to shop at farmer’s markets, support local businesses, etc. The Eat Local Challenge is intended to raise awareness of the consequences of food choices and inspire consumers to take action. 

On Thursday, September 29th, the following lunch menu will be served at the Campus Inn in Whittier College:  

Shelton’s Rosemary Baked Chicken with Parsley Potatoes and Lemon Asparagus

Chicken – Shelton’s, Pomona California

Rosemary – “The Spot” patio, Whittier California

Potatoes – Smith Farms, Santa Ana California

Parsley – Smith Farms, Santa Ana California

Lemon – Wardman House, Whittier California

Asparagus – MC Farms, Santa California 

Garden Field of Dreams

Showcase of an Array of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables – EarthWorks Enterprises, Smith Farms, Whittier California

Fruit Cocktail Drink – Smith Farms; MC Farms – EarthWorks Enterprises, Smith Farms, Whittier California 

Homemade Tortillas with Avocado Pico de Gallo

Tortillas – Local Whittier Bakery, Whittier California

Avocado – Whittier College Campus, Whittier California

Pico de Gallo - EarthWorks Enterprises, Smith Farms, Whittier California 

Bon Appétit’s primary mission is to build food service for a sustainable future through demonstrating social responsibility across all areas of operation. The company continues to receive national recognition for successful execution of this mission and recently was honored with the Corporate Award from the Ecological Society of America.   

Founded by Quakers in 1887, Whittier College is an independent, four-year college offering a traditional liberal arts program integrated with both professional and pre-professional courses of study. With an emphasis on diversity, community, and curricular innovation, the College’s primary mission is to endow students with the education, skills, and values appropriate for global leadership and service.  

Whittier Law School, which is accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools, is located on a separate campus in Orange County.


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