Yasmin Khorram '10 Documents Lives of Iranian Americans

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing to her strengths, aspiring television journalist Yasmin Khorram produced a 60 Minutes style documentary on the 2009 Iranian elections for her Whittier Scholars senior project.

Khorram's documentary, So Far Yet So Near: Iranians View Their Homeland Crises, explores the controversy surrounding the June 2009 elections and subsequent protests and demonstrations that brought Iranian politics to the forefront around the world.

"[What was] surprising is the prominent role Iranian women and the younger generation played in these protests," said Khorram.

A native Farsi speaker, Khorram interviewed members of the Iranian-American community in Los Angeles which is home to one of the largest Iranian communities outside of the country itself.

"I realized that many people may not be familiar with the history of Iran—specifically the 1979 Revolution—so I explain its history throughout my segment," she added.

The recent Whittier grad has previously completed two internships with CNN where she worked closely with the West Coast news crew to cover breaking news surrounding the Iranian elections. Khorram also helped establish the campus television news program QCTV.