Whittier Alumna Julie Nise '78 Helps Parents of World's Only Deaf-Blind Triplets Keep Their Marriage Together

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whittier Alumna Julie Nise '78Nationally recognized relationship coach Julie Nise made an appearance on the Dr. Phil Show where she was recognized for her work with George and Liz Hooker, the parents of disabled triplets.

The situation with the couple, who are the parents of the world's only deaf and blind triplets, was causing tremendous stress on their relationship just at the point when they needed to pull together. Nise's direct, yet compassionate, and no-nonsense approach to relationship counseling helped them to reconnect and focus on their strengths as a couple so they could deal with their children more effectively.

In her new book, 4 Weeks to a Happier Relationship, which Dr. Phil promoted on the show, she shares the tools and secrets to long term success and happier relationships. This latest appearance was Nise's sixth visit to the Dr. Phil. The program that aired on May 31 is tentatively scheduled to air again on August 13.