Spanish Professor Gustavo Geirola Speaks at Miami's Festival of Hispanic Theater

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gustavo GeirolaProfessor of Modern Languages Gustavo Geirola presented at the 29th annual International Festival on Hispanic Theater in Miami. His lecture on Argentinean playwright Pablo Gigena’s Anónimo Metateatral (2011) was singled out by the Miami Herald

“[Gigena’s] plays are of an experimental and conceptual character (nature), and they stand out for their scathing, sociopolitical criticism of the Argentinean, international, and global culture,” said Geirola as quoted by Miami Herald. “This play, in particular, introduces us to an impossibility or paradox: that of a theater that, articulating ironies about the capability of the semiotic theater of realization of its ‘object,’ would try to ‘represent’ the theater itself through a play that would talk about theater-making—its conditions, its conventions, its limits, and its roles.”

The International Festival on Hispanic Theater began Friday, July, 11 with a small conference, The Recent Paradigms in the Latino and Latin American Performing Arts, in which specialists, critics, authors and theater directors came together to discuss the latest advances in theater in Spanish-speaking countries. Geirola gave the first presentations on theater criticism.

Geirola's expertise lies in various aspects of Latin American lifestyle and culture, with a special emphasis on theater. He has participated in numerous dramatic productions, as both actor and director; is widely published in both academic and non-academic journals, with topics ranging from trends in Latin American theater and performance to gay and lesbian identities in Latin American communities. He recently presented a series of workshops in Latin America on the topic of "Theatre, Pedagogy, and Psychoanalysis."