Business Professor Examines Development of Professionalism

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Professor Lana Nino Professor Lana Nino recently authored an article, "Precursors of professionalism in college seniors: Influence of major, gender, and institution," for the journal Research in Higher Education, which examines the role that higher education plays in developing professional skills among students.

The study tested college seniors from over 100 colleges via a survey conducted annually by UCLA.  

According to Nino, "Higher education training of this population is a critical element to [students'] development as professionals. Recently, higher education models have focused more on content area expertise when training students rather than a holistic model incorporating all facets of professionalism. The study reveals differences in the precursors of professionalism between selected majors that provide an opportunity for educators internationally to interweave these elements of learning that may result in the improvement of students’ professionalism."

Click here to read the article.