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Faculty Alcove Policies

Faculty Alcove Policy:

The Faculty Alcove is located on the first floor of Wardman Library. This space is dedicated to faculty and staff to visit with colleagues, undertake informal collaboration, conduct interdisciplinary research, and work one-on-one with librarians and library staff.  This space also serves as a quiet faculty retreat within the library for individual reading, research and small group discussion.

The Alcove is equipped with 6 workstations (4 PCs and 2 iMacs), 2 scanners (one CanoScan 9000F scanner), and one Epson flatbed document scanner. The workstations are fully loaded with graphics software including: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Hours and Use:

The Faculty Alcove is open and accessible all hours that the library is open to the public, and by appointment when the library is closed.

The Alcove is available to current Whittier College faculty, adjunct faculty, instructors, and staff. Visiting faculty, special academic or professional guests who are contributing to Whittier College through curricular or collegial projects may utilize the Alcove. Student workers assisting faculty on special projects will need to be cleared prior to use.  Students not given permission will be redirected to find another work place within the library building.  


Please contact our Instructional Technologist, Kathy Filatreau (kfilatreau@whittier.edu) at x4843 for more information.