Co-Curricular Transcript

Students learn the best by being actively engaged in their courses and schoolwork, as well as in learning opportunities outside the classroom. Through involvement in co-curricular experiences - internships, community service, club activities - students gain vital leadership and life skills that can be applied to many areas outside of the college setting.

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) serves as a verifiable college document that can be used to support student involvement and contributions made during his or her time in college. Additionally, the CCT is intended to complement the academic transcript by demonstrating the development of knowledge and skills sought after by employers and graduate schools.

Activities Documented on the CCI

  • Leadership Activities: includes any leadership role in an organization, activity, or program of any duration (i.e. Senate, Clubs & Organizations, Societies, etc.)
  • Non-Academic Honors, Awards and Recognition: this includes student leadership awards, student organization awards or Poet L.E.A.D. program.
  • Participation: membership in any organization, activity, athletic team, recreation group, non-credit internships, fellowships, etc.

How Do Students Document Achievements?

Each semester, LEAP documents student achievements on their CCT by requesting rosters from student group presidents, athletic coaches and other managers of members, team captains, organization leaders, fellowship recipients, etc. Additionally, students are able to request the addition of an involvement area to their CCT once it is verified by LEAP (see below).

Accessing Your Co-Curricular Transcript

View your unofficial CCT online.

Request an official copy of your CCT. A CCT should be provided within one week from the request date.

Request to add information to your CCT.