Forms & Resources

Programming Policies and Procedures

Student Organization and Programming Procedures
This is a great resource for student organizations as they advertise and market, budget and fundraise, launch and manage their organizations, and plan events. Step-by-step guides with screenshots and process flow charts are available.

Student Life Policies and Procedures
The above link will direct you to all the policies and procedures relevant to students including the Student Handbook, Alcohol Policy, Publicity Policy, Social Media Guidelines, and Social Host Policy.

OrgSync How-To Manuals
This manual provides step-by-step instructions to everything you might want or need to do within OrgSync like adding or editing an event, file, or form, updating your profile, or taking attendance at events.

Event Planning

Contract Request Form (for paid or volunteer artists)
Fill out the contract request form to REQUEST a contract be created and sent to an artist or performer. It is recommended that requests be submitted at least 2 week to 1 month prior to the event. Once a contract is created it will be emailed directly to the artist/performer and the requestor will be copied. Allow at least 5 business days from submission. Once the contract is signed the requestor will be emailed next steps to complete payment to artist if applicable.

Vendor Form for Events
If you are renting a tent, inflatable game, fencing, etc., please have the vendor complete the vendor form and return it along with liability insurance. Vendors who want to promote on campus but are not affiliated with a student organization event can inquire about this process with Eva Covarrubias

Bus Request Form
Fill out the bus request form to request a 25, 48, or 50 passenger bus to and from an event. Allow 5-8 business days before you are emailed a quote from the bus company. Contact Eva Covarrubias with questions.

Visit the Event Management System to view events scheduled to take place on-campus. Click here for room specific guidelines. Meetings and New Member Education events are not displayed on the calendar.

To reserve rooms, request furniture or media set-ups, and catering log into the Event Management System (EMS)Contact Eva Covarrubias to request login credentials. Requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to event. Please allow 5 business days for requests to be approved.


Activity / Travel Risk Matrix 
A tool to help you navigate the forms and waivers needed for a variety of events. 

Travel Agenda Release Waiver (to be completed by Student Organization Trip Coordinator)
Roster must be completed for every registered student organization trip with an off-campus destination. This is the coversheet for your trip and only needs to be filled out by the coordinator and submitted to the LEAP prior to the trip. For faculty-led trips visit Registrar's Faculty Resources.

Student Activity Release Waiver (for Student Organizations)
Waiver is to be completed if an activity or event is occurring beyond Uptown Whittier, requires use of rental or personal vehicles, or is overnight. For faculty-led trips visit Registrar's Faculty Resources

American Driving Records (ADR)
Records form must filled out prior to a trip, activity, or event. Your driving record must be reviewed by the Office of Human Resources. Click here for additional information regarding the American Driving Record. Once approved, a driver is cleared to drive on behalf of the College for one academic year​.

Handling Emergencies
This is a reference guide for individuals traveling on College business.

Faculty-Led Trips
Travel forms and procedures for faculty-led trips can be found on the Faculty Resources page. Contact Fritz Smith should you have any questions. All faculty-led travel forms must be submitted directly to Campus Safety prior to departure. 


Make sure to attend the Budget & Fundraising Workshops at the beginning of each semester.

Visit the Associated Students of Whittier College OrgSync Portal for its constitution, funding policies, and funding request form.

Stop by the LEAP Office for the Student Financial Transaction Form to request a check or get reimbursed. 

Club and organization account balances are updated each month and budget statements are added to the respective club or organization's OrgSync Portal under the Files section. The student staff at the LEAP Office front desk can also assist in finding this information. Contact Debbie Allison to locate your club or organization's account number.


Bulletin board signPublicity items in academic & administrative buildings should be posted on bulletin boards displaying the sign shown on the right. Inquire with the Office of Residential Life regarding posting in the residence halls.

All publicity on student event bulletin boards must be approved and stamped by a LEAP Office staff member if it is not from a Whittier College department. 

Postings will be approved for a maximum of 14 days and must be removed within 24 hours of an event. Extensions may be granted by the LEAP Office for official College business only. Learn more about the College's Publicity Policy in the Whittier College Student Handbook.

Advertisement requests for Poet TVs can be made here. 

You can find designated student event bulletin boards at the following locations:

Building Location Interior Exterior
Campus Center Across from the Mail & Copy Center   X
Campus Center

Next to the LEAP Office/Office of Equity and Inclusion Suite

Campus Center East side of Campus Inn   X
Campus Center East entrance of Ettinger Lounge (by The Spot)   X
Campus Center Inside the Ettinger Lounge X  
Campus Center Inside the Office of Equity and Inclusion/Ortiz Lounge X  
Campus Inn West of the cashier stand X  
Platner Hall Inside the Upper Quad entrance X  
Hoover Hall Across from the departments of Business & Economics    
Wardman Gym Next to water fountain X  
Wardman Library Outside the IT Lab/Inside the 24-hour study lounge X  
Wardman Library Lobby leading to library main entrance X  
Athletic Center Outside of the Fitness Room (on the first floor off of the Basketball Courts) X  

Please contact the LEAP Office if you are experiencing any concerns or difficulties.