Student Employment

LEAP Office / Ambassador Positions

LEAP Student Staff assist LEAP Ambassadors at Orientationwith daily office procedures, provide customer service at the front desk, in the resource center, and at LEAP events. 

Program Assistant: Assist in organizing, planning, advertising, and implementing events/programs sponsored by LEAP or the Program Board.

Budget Assistant: Assist with club/organization budget management.

Event Management System Assistant: Assist with reservation requests and calendaring of events.

Marketing Assistant: Create and distribute publicity on social media, Poet TVs, and email.

Resource Center Assistant: Assist with inventory, maintaining organization, and replenishment of supplies.

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How to apply: Applications are to be dropped off at the Employment Fair or to the LEAP front desk. Email Eva Covarrubias at with questions.  

Campus Center / Ettinger Lounge Positions

Ettinger Student Lounge Attendant: Supervise the student lounge by conducting regular walkthroughs and maintaining the facility usage log. 

How to apply: Applications are to be dropped off at at the Employment Fair or to the LEAP front desk. Email LEAP Staff at with questions.

Poet Entertainment Staff Positions

POET Entertainment tech staff.Poet Entertainment Staff assist LEAP in providing event coordination and technical assistance for evening and weekend events in Club 88 or on campus. 

The Poet Entertainment Sound/Lighting Technicians set up, operate, and take down concert system and mobile sound and lighting equipment for small and large scale events including but not limited to club/organization events, department events, orientation, homecoming, and commencement. 

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How to apply: Applications are to be dropped off at at the Employment Fair or to the LEAP front desk. Email Chris Greenwood at with questions. 

Media/Publication Staff Positions

Work with one of Whittier's student-run media or publication groups: Quaker Campus (newspaper), QCTV (news show), KPOET Radio, Acropolis (yearbook), or Video Production Studios (VPS). 

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How to apply: Inquire with Debbie Allison in person at the LEAP Office or via email at Students may also inquire with a publication's editor/manager.