ASWC Committees

There are six standing committees that help to conduct the regular business of ASWC. Committees are chaired by a member of the executive cabinet. Any ASWC member/Whittier College student can serve on a committee.

Administrative Committee

Reviews the ASWC Constitution and by-laws and any proposed legislation, other than funding requests.
Chair: Amer Rashid, Vice-President

Advocacy Committee

Helps students in the judicial process with the College.
Chair: Robert L. Duarte Jr., President

Budget Committee

Reviews all funding request and ensures the Funding Code is adhered.
Chair: César Zamora, Treasurer

Campus Relations Committee

Promotes the great work of the ASWC.
Chair: Leah Boynton, Campus Relations Director

Elections Committee

There are two major elections for officers each year, one to elect the Freshman Class Council, Off-Campus Representatives, and to fill any vacancies at the start of the academic year; and another election for the Executive Cabinet, which also includes the Student Body representatives.
Chair: Tana Duong, Secretary

Program Board

Hosts events for the student body, such as Welcome Weeks, Homecoming Spirit Week, Dub Sync Lip Sync Competition, SpringFest Carinval, Luminarias (Lumies) Semi-formal Dance, and movies / premiers.
Chair: Cody Allman, Program Board Director

There are also Ad hoc Committees designated by the ASWC President as is deemed necessary for that semester or academic year. Any ASWC member/Whittier College student can serve on a committee. The following are the current Ad hoc Committees:

  • Culinary Committee
  • Commuter Committee
  • Student Feedback Committee
  • Environmental Committee