First-Year Checklist



Now that you have been admitted, check out this Freshman Checklist to help get you well on your way to becoming a student at Whittier.  

Before You Arrive

  • Register for classes! Registration takes place in June and July. Contact the Center for Advising and Academic Success (CAAS) at 562.907.4816 for advice on the classes you should be taking.
  • Log onto Moodle to complete all required paperwork and health documents before coming to school.
  • Submit your housing preference sheet. If you are interested in rooming with a specific person, please submit your roommate choice to CAAS. 
  • Mark Orientation dates on your calendar and make it a point to attend all Orientation sessions. Valuable information is shared during these sessions, like handling business, academic resources, and registration questions. 
  • Follow the dorm checklist if you plan on living on campus.

In the First Few Weeks

  • Seek a balance and get involved on campus. Go to the activities fair, and select a small number of clubs/organizations to participate in – don’t overdo it.
  • Look ahead and get organized. You will be receiving a lot of information over the course of the semester. It is advisable that you keep your classes in separate folders and notebooks. More importantly, once you get your syllabi, you will need to keep a planner (with weeks and months) to write down upcoming significant dates, projects, and exams.
  • Strive for good grades. Visit CAAS if you would like tips on how to be a successful college student – time management, study skills, procrastination tips, etc.
  • Find the ideal place for you to study. Living in a dorm or being a commuter leaves very little places to study in your living area. Try CAAS, the Wardman Library, the Office of Equity and Inclusion, or The Spot lounge. Find a place suitable to your learning style.  
  • Schedule a meeting with each of your professors to get to know them.  Whittier is a small campus and professors appreciate knowing their students as individuals.
  • Meet with your peer mentors. They have the experience of being at Whittier and can help with your transition. They can also help you with your writing class, advice on class selection, time management, and much more.

During Your First Semester

  • Go to class. Professors will notice your absence, and you’ll lose valuable information. Do not rely on others to provide the necessary information when you miss class. Every student understands the material different.
  • Get support in your classes.  Visit the CAAS website for its tutoring schedule.
  • Make connections with classmates. Create a study group for your classes.
  • Look around campus to take advantage of study resources, workshops, and activities to help make your transition to college stress free.
  • Schedule a meeting with your faculty mentor to receive advice on your next semester courses.
  • Schedule a meeting with a CAAS Academic Advisor for academic guidance and support.
  • Attend a workshop held by CAAS. Workshops include: math anxiety, time management, transitioning to Whittier, reading techniques, stress management, and other useful topics.
  • Get to know your roommate and others in your residence hall.  Most likely you will be living with someone or on the same dorm floor as someone in two of your classes. This is intentional on the College’s part to help with your transition.

Other Useful Tips for First-Years

  • Make time for you
  • Don’t feel pressured to make a hasty decision about a career or a major
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • Find the Career Planning & Internship Office
  • Stay healthy/Eat right
  • Learn to cope with homesickness
  • Stay on campus as much as possible
  • Seek professional help when you need it
  • Keep track of your money
  • Don’t cut corners
  • Be prepared to feel overwhelmed