Alternative Spring Break

The choice to spend valuable vacation days as time for service is not for everyone, but for those who are willing, it can be a life-changing experience.

Alternative Spring Break (ASB), sponsored by the Interfaith Programs, provides students with the opportunity to be part of an intense weeklong service-learning trip. As a team, students participate in a variety of short-term projects for community agencies and organizations in San Diego, California.

During ASB, students participate in a series of pre-departure activities, sensitivity training, journal reflections, group discussions, and engage in dialogue surrounding their day-to-day experiences about how their faith and spirituality impacts the work that they do.

ASB prepares students to work effectively with others regardless of their differences by focusing on their commonalities and shared experiences, as well as contributes to the overall cohesiveness among our diverse student body to nurture a well-informed and engaged learning community by incorporating and honoring student development, social justice, education, and diversity.

To take part in Alternative Spring Break or for more information, contact Daniel Lee, Interfaith Program Coordinator.