Los Angeles Integrated Arts Program - Spring Semester 2015

Benefit from a semester in L.A!

Whittier College invites undergraduate students from across the United States and around the world to participate in the Los Angeles Integrated Arts Program for the Spring Semester 2015. This 15-credit, full-time program in the arts uses Los Angeles as the classroom. Rigorous academics coupled with experiential learning opportunities are the hallmark of the program. Students have the opportunity to earn valuable academic credit while exploring the City of Angels, and to build their professional networks for summer internships and future careers. Students can take advantage of intensive study at one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the United States as well as have a chance to experience the arts and culture of Los Angeles in intimate detail during a sunny and dynamic time of year.

Enrolling in LAIAP Is Easy

An online portal is available to view details about the program and submit application materials. The process is simple! Applicants are asked to create an online profile, craft an essay outlining how the program will fit into their academic and career goals, submit a faculty letter of recommendation, and get disciplinary clearance from an appropriate official on their home campus. Application instructions and deadlines are posted in the portal and assistance is available via request.

Academic Credit

The LAIAP offers a combined 15 credits that may be applied toward the completion of your degree at your home institution. At the conclusion of the program, Whittier College will send an official transcript to your home institution, listing the course numbers, course title, credit worth and grade received. If you are a returning Whittier College student, you will earn 15 credit hours and satisfy the CON1 and a CUL6 toward your Liberal Education requirements.


The LAIAP Spring Semester is a lock-step, co-hort program which requires enrollment and participation in each of the three courses. This is an immersion semester, and the participants are expected to attend every class, of every course (without exception). Acceptance into this program is predicated on your understanding of its rigor and commitments. Tickets/admissions to L.A. Arts attractions, museums, and studios are included with the price of enrollment.

Living Accommodations

Visiting and international students enrolled in the LAIAP semester are eligible to live in Whittier College housing. Interested students must complete the housing application available online via the portal. Please note that available spaces are likely to be in shared bedrooms within residence halls that have been occupied by residents for several months prior to your arrival. To help you get acquainted with your temporary roommate, you’ll receive his or her email address as soon as your housing is confirmed.

Los Angeles Integrated Arts Program
Spring Semester 2015

Course Descriptions

Ways of Knowing: Exploring the City of Angels (INTD/THE A/FILM 392)—As an expansive team-taught course with faculty from business, education, mathematics, music, political science, psychology, and theatre, students will be immersed in understanding topics and theories from multi-disciplinary perspectives. Grasping how different disciplines approach a similar experience is central to this class. At its core, this course is steeped in the theory of multiple intelligences posited by Howard Gardner in Frames of Mind. Classes are designed to be experiential in nature and will incorporate discussions, lectures, film screenings, workshops, visiting guest artists, and excursions to various museums and live performances in the Greater Los Angeles area. Through the course, students will be exposed to a number of sub-cultures in Los Angeles: cultural, material, social, intellectual, and historical. One semester. 8 credits.

Paradigm Shifts in the Arts (THEA 300)—What is the function of art in societies? How have the arts reflected, created, or predicted paradigmatic shifts in societies? This interdisciplinary course focuses on the interconnectedness of the arts and society in the past 100 years. Studying works of art that have had violent and negative reactions when first presented to the public, we will examine the deeply embedded beliefs these works of arts challenged. One semester. 3 credits.

Leadership and the Arts (BSAD/SOC 380)—Students will encounter the question, “What does leadership have to do with thought and practice in the arts?” The core of the class is to help students integrate the arts/ humanities and leadership. Texts will help students explore different perspectives on leadership: the contributions of a deep understanding of liberal arts; the role of strategic intuition in paradigm shifts; and the importance of personal integrity. Case studies in the humanities and arts (history, literature, art, music, theater, religion/philosophy, ethics), combined with Harvard Business School Case Studies, will engage students in the practice of making decisions as a leader or manager. One semester. 4 credits.

Networking in the Arts

A key feature of the LAIAP semester is the opportunity for students to learn, dialogue, and network with arts leaders through our awardwinning Backpack-to-Briefcase (B2B) professional development program. These special workshops enable students to learn and develop practical career skills, refine their resume, and explore various career paths in arts and entertainment. The series showcases arts professionals from across Los Angeles who serve as volunteer mentors and workshop leaders. The goal of these sessions is to enable students to build and forge stronger connections to arts and entertainment leaders who themselves seek to identify and cultivate the next generation of arts professionals. Mentors have included recording artists, creative directors, screenwriters, producers, actors, designers, artistic directors, executives, public relations specialists, membership managers, managing directors, curators, museum directors, and film makers. All B2B workshops include a networking reception encouraging students to speak with invited presenters and establish a personal contact for future internship and employment opportunities. LAIAP students are provided with personalized business cards to utilize at these and other outreach events.

Take advantage of your semester in Los Angeles to build a robust network to launch your career!

Financial Aid

Applying financial aid to your LAIAP semester can make the cost of participating much more affordable. If you have not done so already, you should talk to the Financial Aid Office on your campus to discuss your options for transferring your current financial aid to your LAIAP experience. State and federal aid can be applied to LAIAP, and depending on the individual policies of your institution, you may even be able to apply other scholarships or grants. Whittier College requires that all fees be paid before your program start date. However, we know that in some cases financial aid may not be available before Whittier’s final payment deadline. Because of this, you can work with Whittier College to make arrangements to defer the portion of your program fees which will be covered by financial aid. In order to do this, additional information from your school’s financial aid office is required.

Merit Scholarships

The LAIAP semester has limited scholarships of up to $5,000.00 available, which may be awarded to outstanding applicants. Students will be notified by November 15, 2014, of any scholarship award.

Referral Fee

Participants who refer other students to the LAIAP semester are eligible for a $500 referral credit. Once the referral is verified and both students are enrolled in the course with full payment, a $500 credit will be issued to the referring student. There is no limit on referrals.

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

  • Team-taught by faculty and guest artists, students will articulate specific theories and methodologies in the classroom, with opportunities to expand and investigate their understanding of those theories/methodologies through multiple excursions into the Los Angeles area
  • Students will compare and contrast form, function, audience, intention, and meaning through multiple disciplines and forms of artistic expression
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of interdisciplinary connections through writings and discussions
  • Students will research a chosen idea from their field of study and design a final project, demonstrating their ability to approach their topic from multiple perspectives
  • Students will experience a diverse, interdisciplinary academic community as they explore Los Angeles from multiple perspectives
  • Students will integrate the arts/humanities and leadership, and explore different perspectives on leadership
  • Students will build a network of professionals throughout the Los Angeles arts scene

Program Costs

  • Housing $3,206 (double occupancy, semester)
  • Meal plan $2,761(15 meals plus FLEX per week, semester)
  • Tuition (15 credits) $19,868
  • Excursion Fee $1,000

TOTAL: $26,835

Registration & Deadlines

Enrollment is limited, so apply early. Click here to register.

  • Applications period opens: May 1, 2014.
  • Application deadline: Friday, November 15, 2015.
  • A non-refundable $500 deposit is due within two weeks of acceptance to the program.
  • All program fees are due in full by Monday, January 26, 2015.