Tips for Choosing a Major


  • Take the Focus 2 self-assessment to determine your interests, skills, and values
  • Research and explore various majors:
    • Examine the full list of possible majors
    • Talk to career counselors
    • Talk to professors
    • Talk to upperclassmen
    • Talk to alumni 
    • Conduct a career informational interview
    • Take an introductory class in the major
    • Be able to describe your favorite transferable liberal arts skills by clicking here. ​

Remember: Choosing a major does not mean you are choosing a career. Choose a major in which you are interested and can excel academically. 

Here are some good online resources for exploring majors and careers: 

  • What can I do with this major?
  • O*NET allows you to search for occupations based on your skills, abilities, interests, and knowledge.  You may also browse different occupations based on work context, work activities, and work values. 
  • California Reality Check helps you explore how much money you will need to earn in order to live independently after graduation and which occupations will help you reach that goal.