Writing Tutoring Schedule

Writing tutoring takes place in CAAS on a walk-in or appointment basis. We highly recommend that students make an appointment to guarantee their time. Tutoring sessions generally last an hour, but may go longer depending on a tutor's availability, the needs of the tutee, and the number of other students waiting to be helped. Interested students may come into CAAS to make an appointment or call 562.907.4816.

Do our tutoring hours conflict with your schedule? Stop by CAAS and let us know. We may be able to rearrange our hours to accommodate your needs.

Tutoring is not available throughout the month of January and the summer.

CAAS Writing Tutoring Policies

Students may not bring their papers into CAAS to be reviewed by a writing tutor on the day that the paper is due. Writing tutors can only provide so much assistance for students who wait until the last minute to bring in their papers. Students who want to use our services will have to plan ahead.

Writing tutors will review only five pages of a draft per hour. To give student writing the attention it deserves, writing tutors will review only five pages of a draft per hour. This is the length of an average tutoring session. Students with longer papers will need to come in for subsequent tutoring sessions.

Students may NOT drop off their papers to be revised and then pick them up later. Our ultimate goal is to help improve the writer, not just the paper. We strongly believe that in order to be effective, tutoring must be a collaborative process. We expect students who take advantage of our services to be engaged in that process.

Writing tutors will help at any stage of the writing process, including pre-writing. We prioritize content over grammar, although we do help with the latter. Writing tutors can help students brainstorm, outline, polish a thesis, etc.