Subject Tutoring Schedule

Subject tutoring takes place in CAAS on a walk-in or appointment basis. We highly recommend that students make an appointment to guarantee their time. Tutoring sessions generally last half an hour but may go longer depending on a tutor's availability, the needs of the tutee, and the number of other students waiting to be helped.

Interested students can schedule an appointment with a tutor using our online Tutortrac Scheduler. Log in using your My.Whittier username and password. A PDF version of the schedule can be found here.

Students can also visit CAAS or call us at 562.907.4816 to make an appointment.

CAAS Tutor Schedule - Fall 2016


Hayley Dickinson - 100
Ruth Leon - 151, 152
Sasha Weller - 151,152

Business Administration

Keoni Kanoa-Reyes - 130
Andrea Quiroz - 201, 202
Sam Boutin - 310


Gabriel Forbes - 110A
​Robert Willrich - 110A
Katy Drilling - 110A, 231A


Oscar Nava - 200
Krissy Arechiga - 201
Lindsey Macdonald - 200, 301
Susan Rosett - 301


Vanessa Galvan - 201, 250
Andrew Lamar - 250
Marika Fahndrich - 250
Caitlin Bronzan - 313
Katrina Wong - 440


Katie Lee - 74, 76, 85
Maddie Kirkwood - 80
Philip de Castro - 141A, 141B


Matt Burkhart - 70


Philip de Castro - 135A, 150


Alma Corado Barrios- 100, 212
Gaby Weber- 100, 222
Alyson Dechert - 214
Jessica Willis - 214


Maxwell Hoversten
Anders Blomso

Can't find a tutor for a specific subject or course? Submit a subject tutor request form. Do our tutoring hours conflict with your schedule? Stop by CAAS and let us know. We may be able to locate a tutor or rearrange our hours to accommodate your needs.

Tutoring is not available throughout the month of January or in the summer.