After Whittier

Whittier Scholar Program students graduate with a wide variety of opportunities before them. Recent Whittier Scholars Program alumni are completing advanced degrees in a number of disciplines at reputable institutions that include the University of Southern California, University of New Mexico Medical School School, University of Virginia Law School, Georgetown School of Foreign Service, and Cornell University.

Graduates who enter the workforce are enjoying professional careers in fields such as health, medicine, entertainment, law, and education.

See what our alumni are up to

Megan Maguire Marshall '12

Megan Maguire Marshall ’12
Medical Student
University of New Mexico in Albuquerque

"The Whittier Scholars Program gave me the opportunity to design my own educational plan for completing pre-medical course requirements while exploring my other interests in the humanities, social sciences, and self-designed research projects. . . . This program and the major I completed at Whittier College helped me articulate my interests and passions during my medical school interviews and shaped the way I approach learning. I built skills and responsibility for independent and collaborative learning, both essential in medical school." Read more.

Kelissa McDonald ’11
St. Andrew, Jamaica

"I enjoyed Whittier College for the intersection of so many cultures both inside and outside the classroom. My most influential classes came from my study abroad experience, which cemented my passion for learning about Africa and pursuing a career in the arts." Read more.