Each semester, the Social Work Program provides an abbreviated list of its current course offerings and syllabi. For a comprehensive list of courses, please refer to the current Schedule of Classes or Course Catalog

Current Courses

SOWK 240 Intro to Social Work
This course is designed to introduce students to the profession of Social Work and to provide an “experiential sense” of what the field of social work is really like.  The course is designed to familiarize students with the multi-faceted nature of social work, the various social work roles and settings in which a diverse client population is served, and the knowledge, values, ethics and skills that guide the profession.  We will focus on the themes of social and economic justice and the ways that social work enhances and/or deters access to justice in our society.   We will also become familiar with social work responses to creating a society that offers equal access to life-enriching resources and opportunities. Read syllabus

SOWK 364 Social Welfare Policy & Services
Students learn to analyze social policies that affect local, national, and global social welfare. They also learn strategies to advocate for policy consistent with social work values and create systemic change within economic, political and organizational systems. Prerequisite: ECON 200. Read syllabus

SOWK 414 Social Work Practicum & Seminar III
The focus of the Social Work Practicum and Seminar is integration. It is the time to integrate all you have learned from your liberal arts courses, the professional social work foundation courses, the social work generalist practice courses, and your field practicum experiences. Emphasis is placed on application of the values and ethics of the social work profession, as expressed in the NASW Code of Ethics, ethnic sensitive practice with oppressed and/or at‐risk populations, and beginning generalist social work practice with individuals, families, small groups, organizations and communities, and diverse populations in a variety of settings. It is a time to confirm your preparation for beginning generalist social work practice and future graduate study, if that is your intention. Preparation for beginning social work generalist practice includes the ability to link social research, theory, policies, social work practice skills and professional development. Read syllabus

Fall 2015

SOWK 240 Intro 
SOWK 220 Immigrants and Refugees 
SOWK 340 Prac.I Working with Individuals & Families​
SOWK 343 Prac.II Working with Groups
SOWK 363 Prac.III Working with Communities & Org. 
SOWK 373 Human Behavior & the Social Environment
SOWK 386 The Welfare of Children
SOWK 412 Practicum & Seminar I 

Spring 2015

SOWK 241 Intro
SOWK 343 Prac. II Working with Groups
SOWK 364 Social Welfare Policy & Services

January 2015

SOWK 240 Intro
SOWK 245 Legal Issues in Social Work
SOWK 270 Death, Dying & Bereavement