Honor Societies

Student in classroom
Whittier College currently operates campus chapters of each of the following national honor societies. Members of these organizations are selected based on criteria such as grade point average, and, in general, exhibit a keen dedication to scholarship, service, and leadership.

Leadership Society

Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK)
Faculty Advisors: Wendy Furman-Adams, Fritz Smith
Recognizing those who have obtained a high standard of efficiency in collegiate activities, ODK brings together the most representative students in all phases of collegiate life, from athletics and artistry to service and scholarship. The ODK membership seeks to foster and help shape the host college's engagement in questions of local and intercollegiate interest.
Contact: odk@poets.whittier.edu

Academic Societies

Anthropology: Lambda Alpha
Contact: lambdalpha@poets.whittier.edu

Biology: Beta Beta Beta
Faculty Advisor: Hector Valenzuela
Contact: hvalenzu@whittier.edu

Business: Alpha Pi Delta
Faculty Advisor: Lana Nino
Contact: apd@poets.whittier.edu

Chemistry: Nu Mu Rho
Faculty Advisor: Devin Iimoto
Contact: numurho@poets.whittier.edu

Economics: Omicron Delta Epsilon
Contact: ode@poets.whittier.edu

Education: Delta Phi Upsilon
Faculty Advisor: Judith Wagner
Contact: jwagner@whittier.edu

English: Sigma Tau Delta
Faculty Advisor: Sean Morris
Contact: sdp@poets.whittier.edu

French: Pi Delta Phi
Faculty Advisor: Andrew Wallis
Contact: awallis@whittier.edu

History: Phi Alpha Theta
Faculty Advisor:  Robert Marks
Contact: RMarks@whittier.edu

Kinesiology: Phi Epsilon Kappa (PEK)
Faculty Advisor: Ann Hickey
Contact: ahickey@whittier.edu

Mathematics:  Pi Mu Epsilon
Faculty Advisor:  Mark Kozek
Contact: mkozek@whittier.edu

Philosophy:  Phi Sigma Tau

Physics: Sigma Pi Sigma
Faculty Advisor: Glenn Piner
Contact: sigpisig@poets.whittier.edu

Political Science: Pi Sigma Alpha
Faculty Advisor: John Neu
Contact: jneu@whittier.edu

Psychology: Psi Chi
Faculty Advisors:  Christina Scott and Joanne Hash
Contact: cscott@whittier.edu or jhashcon@whittier.edu

Religious Studies: Theta Alpha Kappa
Faculty Advisor: Joe Price
Contact: tak@poets.whittier.edu

Social Work: Phi Alpha
Faculty Advisor:  Paula Sheridan
Contact: psheridan@whittier.edu

Sociology: Alpha Kappa Delta
Faculty Advisor:  Julie Collins-Drogul
Contact:  jcollin5@whittier.edu

Spanish: Sigma Delta Pi
Faculty Advisor: Doreen O'Connor-Gomez
Contact: sdp@poets.whittier.edu

Theatre: Alpha Psi Omega
Faculty Advisor: Gil Gonzalez
Contact: apo@poets.whittier.edu

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