All-Society Alumni Participation Challenge

All Scoiety

The 4th annual All-Society Alumni Participation Challenge for the 2013/2014 year ended June 30. Winners to be announced after all gifts have been counted (around mid-July).

Since their founding in the 1920s, Whittier's societies (local versions of fraternities and sororities) have been an integral part of the College's traditions as well as a critical source of alumni philanthropy. Each year, approximately 36% of all society alumni participate in giving back to their alma mater. In the last fiscal year alone, Society alumni generously donated more than $3.6 million to Whittier College. Their proud support of scholarly excellence sets a high bar by funding student scholarships, athletic teams, academic departments, and the College's endowment.

The All-Society Alumni Challenge is an annual friendly competition among these groups, each year awarding a grand prize to a society with the highest percentage of alumni who make a gift (no matter what size) to the College. This year's Challenge runs from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014, the College's fiscal year. The Challenge has a tremendous impact on Whittier's ability to provide high quality education as well as on creating a lasting and meaningful connection of society alumni to their alma mater.

Current Standings (Highest Participation) (as of 6/27/2014)

  1. Ionians*
  2. Palmers
  3. Penns
  4. Thalians
  5. Metaphonians
  6. Athenians
  7. Orthogonians
  8. Franklins
  9. Lancers
10. Sachsens

* last year's champions

Check out the increased cash prizes for the top three societies!

1st Place

  • $1,000 for student activities fund
  • Wardman House as the brunch location during Whittier Weekend 2014
  • Recognition at the Whittier Weekend society mixer and tailgate and in the Dezember Alumni House

2nd Place

  • $750 for student activities fund [INCREASED CASH PRIZE!]
  • Recognition at the Whittier Weekend society mixer and tailgate

3rd Place

  • $500 for student activities fund [INCREASED CASH PRIZE!]
  • Recognition at the Whittier Weekend society mixer and tailgate

How Do I Participate?

Whittier College maintains information about alumni involvement in societies in its alumni database. All you need to do is make your tax-deductible gift (of any amount) to Whittier College between now and June 30, 2014, and your participation will automatically be counted on behalf of your society.

What Counts?
All tax-deductible gifts from undergraduate degree holders, of any amount, to Whittier College made between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 (our current fiscal year) count. Any designation is fine, so choose something you feel passionate about – e.g. your society’s scholarship fund, the Whittier Fund, your academic department, or your favorite athletic team. Remember, it is your participation that helps your society in the competition, not the size of your gift.

Why Does Alumni Participation Matter?
Alumni giving rates influence national college rankings and can shape the perceptions of grant-making foundations and the greater academic community (learn more). Your gift has the power to boost the value of your Whittier College degree as well as help your society. There are many ways to give.

The College is grateful to each society and its members for making the Challenge interesting and competitive. Once again, society alumni were instrumental in boosting the College’s overall alumni participation rate, which now stands at 24%. We encourage society alumni to join their brothers and sisters and get involved! Call the Alumni Office for information about your society alumni leadership (i.e. alumni advisory committees).