Wellness Coalition

The Wellness Coalition, comprised of faculty, staff, and students, was founded to increase the emphasis on wellness awareness and education on the Whittier College campus.

This supportive environment is met through a variety of programs, events, and services, such as the Walk to Wellness semester competitions and “Next InSTALLment” wellness letter.

Faculty, staff, and student participation in the Coalition is encouraged and welcomed! Download an application below, or for more information, contact Paul Carbajal at pcarbajal@whittier.edu or 562.907.4239.

Faculty/Staff Application
Student Application

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De-Stress Event

Reading Day, Wednesday, May 7th, 2014
11AM - 3PM
    ​Campus Center (Games, Snacks, Crafts, Photo booth, Yoga)
    Club 88 (Massage & Spa Services --- sign up today @ glopez@whittier.edu)
    LEAP Conference Room (Smash Bros Challenge)
     The Rock (Rock Climbing Wall)
Come de-stress, Poet-style!  Students, Staff, & Faculty welcome!  
Click here for more information.

FREE Karate Class

Every Sunday, 12 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Dance Room of the GAC
Students, Staff, & Faculty welcome!
Contact: mjensen@whittier.edu

From dealing with insomnia to preparing for summertime travel, Next InSTALLment circulates among the Whittier community with helpful information on issues influencing overall health and wellness. Past issues have covered everything from identifying characteristics of potential alcohol abuse to seeking healthy relationships, coping with anxiety, and learning about health crises and pandemics throughout the world. Next InSTALLment addresses issues that affect health, big or small.

E-Cigarettes (May 2014)

Dating Violence (Apri 2014)

Think Before You Drink (Apr 2014)

Laugh Out Loud (LOL) (Apr 2014)

Stalking (Apr 2014)

STDs (Mar 2014)

Spring Break Safety Tips (Mar 2014)

Managing Microaggressions (Mar 2014)

Self-Injury Awareness Day (Feb 2014)

Prescription Drug Use (Feb 2014)

Dealing with Grief & Loss (Feb 2014)

Time Management Skills (Feb 2014)

Intimate Partner Violence (Jan 2014)

Will Power & Body Image (Jan 2014)

Emergency Contraception (Jan 2014)

Suicide - The Forever Decision (Dec 2013)

Survival Tips for the Holiday Season (Nov 2013)

Massage Therapy (Nov 2013)

Healthy Relationships (Nov 2013)

Handling Stress (Nov 2013)

To Sleep Perchance to Dream (Nov 2013)

Are YOU a Problem Drinker? (Oct 2013)

Breast Cancer: Early Detection & Ways to Lower Your Risk (Oct 2013)

National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month (Oct 2013)

Homesickness: Is Home Where Your Heart Is? (Oct 2013)

Asthma: A Very Serious But Easily Manageable Disease (Oct 2013)

RAINN Day: Sexual Assault and Rape Awareness (Sept 2013)

Drugs & Alcohol

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Prescription Drug Abuse
Energy Drinks: Hidden Dangers (inSTALLment from November 2012)

Financial Health

Credit Karma - Is Your Partner A Financial Bully? - Take the Quiz.