Poet Early Alert Program (PEAP)

See Something. Say Something.

Every day we see new stories about violent behavior in our society and we wonder what we can do about it or if those events could happen at Whittier College. While we hope that it never does, the answer is that violent behavior could occur on our campus, but by working together we can stop it before it happens.

If you see something that is worrisome, say something. It may be nothing, but on the other hand, your actions could avert a tragedy. Preventing violence on campus depends on all of us. 

Whittier College has a student of concern team called PEAP (Poet Early Alert Program). The purpose of PEAP is to provide a timely and appropriate intervention to students demonstrating academic, physical or emotional behaviors that may stand in the way of personal and academic success. The PEAP team meets weekly to discuss student issues and develop individualized outreach plans to help students. Team members adhere to legal, ethical, and professional standards and guidelines.

Identifying Concerning Behavior

Being aware of stress signals may help you respond effectively.  The following is a list of examples of concerning behaviors or situations:

High rate of absenteeism
(more than 3 absences)

Sleeping in class

Alcohol or substance

Habitual tardiness

Inadequate preparation


Failure to turn in

Missing homework

Poor social skills and/or lack of integrations into campus community

Submission of poor quality assignments/papers or projects

Poor time management

Excessive work

Missed tests, quizzes, or
major examinations

Poor writing skills

Traumatic event

Low test/quiz performance

Struggling with
course material

Unresolved financial issues

Classroom disruption,
disrespect, etc.

Patterns of significant interpersonal conflict

Family concerns or issues

​​Again, these are just examples of behaviors that may cause concern.  If you observe or become aware of situations, do one of the following:

  1. Consult with College officials, colleagues, supervisors and report your concern.
  2. Fill out the online PEAP form: 
    a. Faculty - access the on-line PEAP form from the Moodle homepage.
    b. Students and staff - click here to submit a PEAP. 

Reporting an Immediate Threat

If you believe that an individual on campus has committed or may commit an act of violence, or is engaging in behavior that raises the level of concern about your safety or the safety of others, call Campus Safety at 562.907.4211 (off campus) or x4211 (on campus).

If you believe that the threat is imminent or is happening now, dial 911 immediately.