Students Assessment at Whittier is meant to provide departments an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive analysis of student learning.

The department review cycle (every five years) serves as a culminating experience involving an integration of annual assessment results, analysis, reflection, sharing, and change. Departments are encouraged to engage in assessment activities that will provide useful and meaningful products (results, narratives, and data) that will result in improving student learning, curriculum development, and pedagogy. Our goal is for assessment to be systemic, systematic, transparent, and accessible.

Major components of the review cycle include the program self-study report, followed by the internal review and external review. The internal review is conducted by the Assessment Committee who review and provide feedback on the use of evidence to support change for program improvement and on the assessment of student learning.  Each program must also undergo an external review from an outside colleague familiar with the discipline undergoing the review. The last component of the five-year program review is a meeting between the dean of faculty and department chair. During the meeting, the process of the self-study, along with the internal and external report, are reviewed and a plan of action for meeting the program needs is outlined.