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  • Johnny Poet greets new student

    Welcome to Whittier!
    New Student Orientation starts September 6

  • Professor Christina Bauer and students conduct experiments

    Focus on Faculty:
    Assistant Professor Christina Bauer

  • Autographed baseballs

    Institute for Baseball Studies Receives Major Donation

  • SCIAC Championship Trifecta

    Whittier Poets Achieve SCIAC Championship Trifecta: Conferences trophies in water polo and softball for 2015

  • Associate Professor of Education Ivannia Soto-Hinman

    Reforming the system for English Learners: Associate Professor of Education Ivannia Soto-Hinman

  • Stephen Zavala ’15

    Batter up! Poet catcher Stephen Zavala ’15 selected by St. Louis Cardinals in the 2015 Major League Baseball draft

  • Alumni at Whittier Weekend

    Catch That Poet Spirit!
    Whittier Weekend is Oct. 23-25

  • Patrick Kellycooper '15

    Patrick Kellycooper '15: Latest Nixon Fellow studies the former President's approaches to diplomacy in Southeast Asia

  • Professor of Biology Cheryl Swift

    Long-Term Drought Effects in Southern California: Professor of Biology Cheryl Swift focuses on the environment

  • Rebecca Lybrand '07

    Rebecca Lybrand '07: Alumna talks about science outreach, education, and the top three things she learned at Whittier

  • Masanori Murakami

    The Story of Masanori Murakami: "Mashi" recounts breaking barriers as the first Japanese MLB player

  • Intex Fellows

    Poets Apply Business Know-How and Global Citizenry in China



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