Forms & Resources

Programming Policies and Procedures

Event Planning

Contract Request Form

Guide to Campus Events Calendar Reservations 
(see also ​EMS Helpful TipsProgramming Checklist and Planning Timeline, and Registrar's Available Classroom Search for more information)


Activity / Travel Risk Matrix 
A tool to help you navigate what forms and waivers are needed for what types of events. 

Faculty / Staff Travel Agenda Release Waiver
Roster must be completed for every registered student trip off campus. This is the coversheet for your trip and only needs to be filled out by the coordinator and submitted to the LEAP prior to the trip. 

Student Activity Release Waiver
Waiver is to be completed if an activity/event is outside of Uptown Whittier, requires use of rental or personal vehicles, or is overnight.

American Driving Records (ADR) 
Records form must filled out prior to a trip/activity/event. Your driving record must also be run by Human Resources. Click here for additional information regarding the American Driving Record. Once approved a driver is cleared to drive on behalf of the College for one academic year​.

Handling Emergencies
Form serves as a reference guide for individuals traveling on College business.


Visit the Associated Students of Whittier College OrgSync Portal for its constitution, funding policies, and funding request form.

Stop by the LEAP Office for the Financial Transaction Form to request a check or get reimbursed. 

Don’t know your club/organization account # or account balance? Check your club/organization mail box at the front desk of the LEAP Office or contact Debbie Allison at


Publicity items should be posted on bulletin boards labeled, “For Student Events Only.” All publicity on student event bulletin boards must be approved and stamped by a LEAP Office staff member. Postings will be approved for a maximum of 14 days and must be removed within 24 hours of an event. Extensions may be granted by the LEAP Office for official College business only. Please contact the LEAP Office if you are experiencing any concerns or difficulties. Look for these signs on the designated boards:

Learn more about the College's Publicity Policy (part of the Whittier College Student Handbook). Additional details can be found in the Poet Guide. The following locations are where you can find designated student event bulletin boards:

  Building Location Interior Exterior
1 Campus Center Across from the Mail & Copy Center   X
2 Campus Center

Next to the LEAP Office and Cultural Center Suite

3 Campus Center By the Campus Inn   X
4 Campus Center East entrance of Ettinger Lounge (by The Spot)   X
5 Campus Center Inside the Ettinger Lounge X  
6 Campus Center Inside the Cultural Center/Ortiz Lounge X  
7 Hoover Hall Across from the departments of business & economics  X  
8 Platner Hall Inside the entrance from the Upper Quad X  
9 Stauffer Science Building West stairwell between the first and second floors X  
10 Stauffer Science Building Middle stairwell between the first and second floors X  
11 Stauffer Science Building Middle stairwell by parking lot entrance X  
12 Stauffer Science Building Department of psychology hallway off main lobby  X  
13 Wardman Gym Next to water fountain X  
14 Wardman Library Outside the IT Lab/Inside the 24-hour study lounge X