Parking on Campus

Whittier College extends the privilege of operating motor vehicles on the Campus to all duly registered employees, students, and visitors. All motor vehicles, whether automobiles, motorcycles, motor scooters or motor bikes, regardless of size, shape or number of wheels are herein defined as vehicles. All privately owned vehicles (as opposed to College owned vehicles) while in operation or parked within the confines of Whittier College, are restricted to the use of regularly designated parking lots and roadways, Whittier College reserves the right to withdraw motor vehicle privileges from any College employee or student at any time for cause, as well as update, revise, modify, change or delete any rule or regulation listed herein at any time without notice.

II. Driver’s License Required- CVC 12500(a)

The State of California requires that any person driving a motor vehicle must have a valid driver's license and the license must be for the type and class of vehicle being driven (i.e., persons driving cars must have a class "C" license and persons driving motorcycles must have a class "M" license.) Thus, Whittier College requires all persons requesting a parking permit to be a licensed driver.

III. Responsibilities:

A. The person in whose name the vehicle is registered with the Campus Safety Department shall at all times be responsible for any and all parking penalties, fines, and liability of damage claims arising in connection with the possession or operation of the motor vehicle on campus.

B. For vehicles not registered with the Campus Safety Department, but located on campus, with or without permission, the registered owner as listed with the Department of Motor Vehicles shall be responsible for any and all parking penalties, fines, and liability of damage claims arising in connection with the possession or operation of the motor vehicle on campus.

C. Whittier College, including its Campus Safety Department, and the College officers, agents and employees assume no legal responsibility either written or verbally implied for the care or protection of any vehicle or its content at any time, including the time it is on any property owned and/or operated by Whittier College or the time during which the vehicle has been impounded.

D. Receiving a parking permit does not guarantee or reserve parking space for an individual. It does however give you the privilege to park/or drive on property owned and/or operated by Whittier College.

E. It is the responsibility of the student and employee to obtain, read and abide by all the rules and regulations listed herein.

IV. Registration Procedures and Requirements

A. All students and employees who operate a motor vehicle on College owned property shall have the vehicle registered with the Campus Safety Department. There is NO initial registration fee for either students or employees.

B. Students and employees shall renew their registration at the beginning of each academic year at no cost.

C. There is a $25.00 replacement fee for lost, stolen or mutilated permits.

D. A vehicle shall be registered in the name of the student or employee who is the primary operator of the vehicle on campus.

E. Any change or addition of license plates and/or vehicles shall be reported to the Campus Safety Department without delay.

F. Visitors and temporary vehicles must have a temporary/ guest parking permit from the Campus Safety Department. These permits are available 24 hours a day and are free of charge. All students and employees are responsible to ensure their guests obtain a guest permit.

G. Current State Department of Motor Vehicles registration and a valid driver’s license are required to register your vehicle with the Campus Safety Department.

H. Permits are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I. Unregistered vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner's expense at the discretion of the Campus Safety Department.

V. Display of Registration Permit

A. Every registered vehicle shall have a registration permit or temporary parking permit.

B. The temporary parking permits are to be hung from the rear view mirror. If the vehicle does not have a rear view mirror, then the permit shall be placed on the dashboard (driver's side) with information fully visible through the windshield.

C. The College parking permits are to be placed on the inside of the front-windshield, lower drivers side. Clean the area with cleaner so permit will adhere. Peel backing from the permit and place on the inside of the windshield. The wording on the permit should be readable from the outside of the vehicle. The permits are not permanent so they will not leave any residue on the window.

D. Motorcycles shall be registered, a permit will be issued.

VI. Operation and Parking of Motor Vehicles

A. The speed limit in all parking lots and driveways is 15 miles per hour. Regardless of the posted limit, a vehicle operator shall not drive at speeds that are excessive or imprudent for existing road, weather or traffic conditions.

B. A vehicle shall be parked within a designated parking stall as painted in parking lots. If there are no parking stall lines, the area is not designated for parking.

C. Pedestrians have the right-of-way at all times.

D. All state and local laws are enforced on property owned and/or operated by the College.

E. All traffic accidents shall be reported as quickly as possible to the Campus Safety Department.

F. No vehicle is to be driven through campus or be parked on any sidewalks or grass areas. Campus Safety, emergency and Maintenance vehicles are exempted when necessary.

G. All posted traffic signs and roadway markings are to be obeyed.

H. Vehicles must be removed from restricted parking lots by 7:00 am; Monday through Friday.

I. Motorcycles, mopeds and scooters are not to be parked in car stalls and cars are not to be parked in motorcycle, moped and scooter areas.

K. All vehicles driven on Whittier College property must comply with California State Vehicle Code equipment regulations.

L. Vehicles which are inoperative for longer than 15 days are considered abandoned and are subject to removal at the owner's expense.

VII. Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated on private property is a crime in the State of California. Calif. Vehicle Code 23152(a) & (b) states: "It is unlawful for any person who is under the influence of an alcoholic beverage or any drug, or under the combined of an alcoholic beverage and any drug. It is unlawful for any person who has 0.08% or more, by weight, of alcohol in his/her blood to drive a vehicle." California Vehicle Code 23136(a) states, "It is unlawful for a person under the age of 21 years who has a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.01% or greater to drive a vehicle."

VIII. Parking Areas and Zones

A. The parking lot designations and assignments are as follows:

Athletics Center lot

Unrestricted Parking/24 Hour Reserve

Amphitheater lot


Broadoaks lot

Unrestricted Parking

Campus Inn lot

Commuter Parking

Founders Hill Road lot

Unrestricted Parking

Harris/Turner lot

Unrestricted Parking

Haverhill Park Road lot

Unrestricted Parking

Maintenance lot

No Student Parking

Mendenhall lot

Staff & Visitor Parking

South Music lot

No Student Parking

North Music lot

Unrestricted Parking


Johnson Lot (Foundershill Rd.)
Stauffer Lot (Haverhill Park Rd.)
Ball Lot (Haverhill Park Rd.)

Performing Arts lot

Unrestricted Parking

Platner Hall lot

No Student Parking

Redwood lot

No Student Parking

Science lot

Commuter Parking

West Tennis Court lot

Unrestricted Parking

East Tennis Court lot

Unrestricted Parking

Wanberg Hall lot

Unrestricted Parking

B. Certain designated parking stalls are reserved for faculty, service vehicles, faculty masters, vendors, etc., and only those individuals' vehicles shall park in these stalls. All parking lots that there is no student parking (restricted lots) are enforced Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

C. Parking is prohibited in loading docks and trash can areas.

D. Blue Zones- Reserved for disabled parking at ALL times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These may only be occupied by a vehicle displaying a College disabled permit, special disabled license plate, and/or placard as issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

E. Green Zones- Reserved for those as specified on space and/or signage. If there are no signs or markings, the space is still considered reserved and not for general parking. All reserved spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except faculty spaces, and Platner lot admission visitor spaces, which are enforced Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. (Faculty Master spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

F. White Zones- Reserved for College visitors. These stalls are enforced Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

G. Yellow Zones- Reserved for College vehicles such as Mail Room, Campus Safety, Maintenance, etc. Enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

H. Red Zones- NO STOPPING OR PARKING AT ANYTIME. Emergency, Campus Safety and Maintenance vehicles exempted when necessary. All other vehicles may be subject to immediate tow at owner's expense. Enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I. No Parking (At Any Time)- Undesignated spaces, by barricades, on streets (except where allowed by curb color) on driveways or specifically reserved stalls. Enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

J. There are currently 13 PPP spaces located in various residence hall parking lots across campus.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • Turner/Harris Lot-5 spaces
  • Johnson Lot (Foundershill Rd.)-2 spaces
  • Stauffer Lot (Haverhill Park Rd.)-3 spaces
  • Ball Lot (Haverhill Park Rd.)-3 spaces

IX. Penalties

A. All penalties and fines shall be paid at the Whittier College Business Office. After paying the citation, a notification will be sent to Campus Safety.

1. Violations for the following codes will incur a fine

VC 100

Registration not visible

VC 101

Failure to register

VC 103

Improper display of decal

VC 104

Decal displayed registered to another vehicle

VC 200

Parked in posted no parking area

VC 201

Parked in a red zone (red curb)

VC 202

Area not designated for parking (grass, sidewalk, etc.)

VC 205

Not parked within stall lines

VC 206

Double parked (non-hazard)

VC 207

Parked blocking flow of traffic

VC 208

Vehicle inoperative for 15 days, subject to tow

VC 210

Parked with right tires further than 18 inches from the curb

VC 213

Motorcycle parked in a vehicle space

VC 214

Vehicle parked in a motorcycle space

VC 215

Parked on the street facing wrong direction

VC 300

Parked blocking trash bin area

VC 301

Parked blocking loading zone

VC 403

Misuse of vehicle (driving on grass, sidewalk, pathways, etc.)

VC 408

Driving out of class (wrong type of vehicle)

VC 425

Driving with headlights off at night

VC 426

Driving vehicle with damaged windshield, impairing vision

VC 500

Parked in reserved space with no or improper permit

VC 501

Parked in restricted lot without proper permit

2. Violations for the following codes will incur a fine

VC 305

Parked blocking a driveway

VC 400

Excessive speed (over 15 mph)

VC 409

Learners permit holder without a licensed driver over 18 years present

VC 410

Learners permit holder driving a motorcycle at night or with a passenger

VC 417

Drivers view or ability to operate vehicle obstructed by too many people in front seat

VC 422

Unsafe starting or backing

VC 427

Driving vehicle with headset covering, or ear plugs in both ears

VC 429

Driving a motorcycle without wearing a helmet

3. Violations for the following codes will incur a fine

VC 302

Parked blocking fire zone or lane

VC 303

Parked in a fire zone or lane

VC 304

Parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant (vehicle unattended)

VC 401

Exhibition of speed (losing traction/squealing unattended)

VC 405

Driving on the wrong side of the road

VC 406

Driving against a one-way sign

VC 407

Driving without a license (never issued)

VC 411

Driving on a suspended license

VC 412

Driving without a driver's license in possession

VC 416

Person hitching ride on vehicle (being towed)

VC 418

Driver allowing person to ride upon any portion of vehicle not designed for that purpose

VC 419

Person riding on any portion of vehicle not designed for riding

VC 420

Driver allowing to hitch a ride on vehicle (towing someone)

VC 421

Failure to yield at a yield sign

VC 423

Failure to stop at a sign (posted sign or painted on roadway)

VC 424

Throwing any substance at a moving vehicle

VC 428

Operating off-road vehicle on property not designed for traffic

VC 432

Driving through a flare or cone pattern

VC 433

Moving cones/barricades from lots or stalls to park

VC 434

Parking in a blocked off lot or stall

4. Violations for the following codes will incur a fine

VC 203

Parked in a disabled space with no placard or decal

VC 402

Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

VC 413

Open container of alcoholic beverage in vehicle by passenger

VC 414

Open container of alcoholic beverage in vehicle by passenger

VC 415

Possession of alcoholic beverage in vehicle by person under 21 years of age

B. Persons and/or vehicles with five or more citations may have their driving privileges revoked on property owned and/or operated by Whittier College.

C. Failure to respond to a citation by payment or appeal on the date listed on the citation will result in the fine being automatically charged to the individual's College account.

X. Citations

Citations for violations are ordinarily issued directly by an officer of the Campus Safety Department to the driver of the vehicle. Parking and/or registration citations are attached to the vehicle. Once a citation is issued, the officer is not authorized to void or cancel the ticket.

NOTE: The Whittier Police and L.A. County Fire Depart. reserve the right to issue citations and tow vehicles for the violations of state and local laws.

XI. Removal of Vehicles

The Chief of Campus Safety may cause the removal of any vehicle abandoned or left on the property owned and/or operated by Whittier College when the academic year ends, or upon revocation of privileges or when a vehicle is found blocking the free movement of emergency vehicles or causing a safety hazard to people, traffic, or property (i.e. blocking a fire lane or gate). Any vehicle abandoned or inoperative for longer than 15 days may be removed from the property. The costs of any removal and storage will be charged to the person(s) whose name the vehicle was registered to, or the primary operator.

XII. Appeals

Citations may be appealed by appearing in person at the Campus Safety Department at the date, time and location designated on the bottom of the citation.

Only three types of appeals will be considered for appeal:

  1. An appeal based on unclear regulations.
  2. An appeal based on unclear parking lot lines or curb paint.
  3. An appeal based on circumstances which made the violation necessary and unavoidable.

The following reasons will not be accepted for an appeal:

  1. Ignorance of the regulations will not be considered a valid excuse for the violation.
  2. Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations. Parking spaces are not guaranteed.
  3. Arriving late, or after dark is not an excuse for parking in a restricted area, either overnight or for a short period of time. If the individual's responsibility to find an escort if one is required by the situation.
  4. Tight scheduling must schedule activities so that sufficient time is allotted for walking to and from the vehicle. This is regardless of where the vehicle is parked.

Appeal process:

  1. Appeals must be made in person on the date, time and place designated on the citation. If you cannot attend your court date, call Campus Safety prior to the court date to make arrangements. Court dates may only be postponed once.
  2. An appeal must be done on time or it will be automatically denied.

XIII. The Campus Safety Department

The function of the Whittier College Campus Safety Department is to protect life and property, to help maintain a desired academic environment on the campus, to enforce vehicle rules and to perform other related duties. The Campus Safety Department is located at 7022 Haverhill Park Road. The Department is open 24 hours a day, year round. The telephone number is (562) 907- 4211, or extension 4211 on campus.

The following services are provided on campus to students, employees and guests:

  • Escorts in the evening and anytime for injured persons

XIV. Bicycle Registration

If you plan on riding a bicycle around campus, it also must be registered with Campus Safety. This allows Campus safety to better aid you in the chance that your bicycle goes missing or stolen.