Research & Fieldwork

At Whittier College, our student body works in close, active collaboration with professors who are leaders in their fields. Together, this team of learners conducts research projects that push the boundaries of knowledge and inquiry.

For example, select students support faculty members with their professional academic investigations. At other times, it is the faculty which assists the efforts of students in pursuing groundbreaking new research. As a result of these experiences, and with confidence in their own abilities, Whittier students regularly go on to participate in conferences (such as the Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research) and other academic conclaves across the nation.

Students further interact with faculty members in programs that are part of the College’s Centers of Distinction and take place at Garrett and Hartley Faculty Masters' Houses, on-campus residences where professors live for a multi-year term and coordinate and host an array of educational and social activities.

While students at large universities struggle merely to gain face-time with professors, here at Whittier, students interact with the faculty personally and on a daily basis.

Academics in Action

Nixon Fellows Visit the Nation's Capitol
for the Inauguration of Barack Obama

Standing shoulder to shoulder from 3:30 a.m. until noon in freezing temperatures, Richard M. Nixon Fellows Daniel Jacob Kulick ’13 and Carlee Shults ’14 patiently awaited the a moment that would mark American history. That moment: the 2013 Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama. Read more.

Military Training Center Provides
Backdrop for "Warfare" Class

On a cold Thursday morning, political science professor Fred Bergerson boarded a charter bus with 17 of his students and headed to Fort Irwin and the National Training Center (NTC) located in California's Mojave Desert. This fieldtrip to one of the major training areas for the United States army is part of Bergerson's Jan Term course, "Warfare: In Pursuit of Military Security." Read more.